Dylan Kotliar

I’m an MD/PhD student at Harvard Medical School in the Health Sciences and Technology track. I did my Ph.D in Pardis Sabeti’s lab at the Broad Institute in the Harvard Systems Biology PhD program. My Ph.D combined computational and experimental biology with field work in Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone to better understand deadly viral illnesses. Read more about my PhD work in the projects and publications sections of this page.

I am currently in my final year of medical school and I plan to continue working at the interface of biology and medicine. In my free time, I play bass in the local Boston band, True Faith. Check out our music here.

Shoot me an e-mail with questions or to chat about science and medicine at Dylan_Kotliar@hms.harvard.edu.

selected publications

  1. Single-Cell Profiling of Ebola Virus Disease In Vivo Reveals Viral and Host Dynamics
    Kotliar, D., Lin, A.E., Logue, J., Hughes, T.K., Khoury, N.M., Raju, S.S., Wadsworth, M.H., Chen, H., Kurtz, J.R., Dighero-Kemp, B., Bjornson, Z.B., Mukherjee, N., Sellers, B.A., Tran, N., Bauer, M.R., Adams, G.C., Adams, R., Rinn, J.L., Melé, M., Schaffner, S.F., Nolan, G.P., Barnes, K.G., Hensley, L.E., McIlwain, D.R., Shalek, A.K., Sabeti, P.C., and Bennett, R.S.
    Cell 2020
  2. Identifying gene expression programs of cell-type identity and cellular activity with single-cell RNA-Seq
    Kotliar, D., Veres, A., Nagy, M.A., Tabrizi, S., Hodis, E., Melton, D.A., and Sabeti, P.
    Elife 2019
  3. Direct Identification of Hundreds of Expression-Modulating Variants using a Multiplexed Reporter Assay
    Tewhey, R., Kotliar, D., Park, D.S., Liu, B., Winnicki, S., Reilly, S.K., Andersen, K.G., Mikkelsen, T.S., Lander, E.S., Schaffner, S.F., and Sabeti, P.C.
    Cell 2016
  4. Medical education in the United States: do residents feel prepared?
    Chen, C.A., Kotliar, D., and Drolet, B.C.
    Perspect. Med. Educ. 2015